Mistress Brown

Manchester Mistress and Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment has always been my starting point into the world of BDSM. Although, many that engage in the traditional CP world, often want to experience many different ladies knees and feel the sting of the thrilling cane, delivered by the most competent of practitioners. I’ve found over the years I have seen many naughty boys/girls and sissy’s that love to recall stories of what knees they’ve been over; almost like a tick list of accomplishments.

The Cane

Feared and loved in equal measures, a point of fascination for all. why? For me its the ultimate punishment tool-signifying the end of bad behaviour. Unless you love it, which many do as my 26 varied canes could testify if only they could talk. Ive had many bottoms to cane over the years and I await the common question at the end

”did I take it well?”

It makes me smile that innately its human instinct to know where you sit, comparatively to your peers. Or indeed that I’m proud of your achievements, how stoic you stood, how well you counted to 12.

Is Traditional CP fading?

For years I’ve pondered over weather my beloved Cp will fade and less people crave it, due to never experiencing it originally-either physically or observationally. I certainly don’t see the same amount of CP lovers that I used to do 15 years ago. Maybe because I was partial to switching myself! if you look hard enough you’ll find pictures of my bottom somewhere….

The thing is, I still like a bit of a spanking! shhh don’t tell anyone

Miss Buffy B

Manchester mistress / Manchester  dominatrix / Manchester Elite Mistresses / Dominatrix in Manchester / Professional Manchester Mistress / Mistresses in Manchester / Manchester Mistress Medical Fetish / Dominatrix in Manchester / Bondage / Rubber Fetish / latex fetish / Submissive Male

2 replies on “Manchester Mistress and Corporal Punishment”

It is the most reliable method when being trained, you soon learn it’s best to please, and the proximity to your Mistress reminds you what it means to please.
Of course, the most wily lady will get the miscreant to accept discipline without transgression and thus create a bond.

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