What is it about Medical play ?

Is it the pristine stainless steel shiny equipment lined up as you walk into the medical suite? Or is it the clinical smell of alcohol rubs and disinfectant ? maybe it’s the stark white clean walls with the white furniture? Or the beautifully ironed uniform that your nurse will be wearing with her rubber gloves and apron?

In my experience it’s a heady mix of all of the above that creates the medical fetishist. I’ve always been fascinated by medical fetish which is why I created http://www.manchestermedicalfetish.com I pondered for quite a few years about creating this website and how I wanted it to represent a true clinical experience. Unfortunately recent laws have dictated that I can’t show you much of what I do anymore. However, I recently did a very interesting needle insertion with electric probes attached to them. My patient love this extreme kind of play and I know him well enough to be able to play at this level although, this would not be something I would do on a first meet. Of course I administered a mix of interesting anesthetiser techniques to make it much easier for the patience to endure such painful experimentation.

For some of my patients it really is about the routine of getting changed, being examined and having blood pressure taken possibly an anal examination and then a penal examination.

Please visit the above website to see the full list of possibilities.

Please fill in This form to come to the clinic.

Nurse Brown






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